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Learn more about the sustainable mobility plan at La Lima Free Zone

The Plan is currently being implemented in the La Lima Free Trade Zone and its surroundings and has among its goals to improve walkability for people who circulate in and around the park, as well as the construction of a bicycle lane that provides safety to those who have decided to travel in bike to work.

Also, to improve the user experience we have planted more than 700 trees on the sidewalks in the last year, this improves the thermal comfort of the pedestrian, and we have placed art throughout the environment to improve the experience and well-being of those who work in the park.

Our vision also seeks the integral well-being of all the people who come to the park, that is why we have built an athletics track like few in the country.

We seek to promote sports and health among our employees, this improves the performance and productivity of the work teams of the companies in the park.

The La Lima Sustainable Mobility Plan is a visionary project for the Cartago community that we will be talking about more in the coming weeks as the project develops.

Starting the day with the sunshine and the fresh breeze of Cartago on your face, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, by bike to work is the decision that many employees of the La Lima Free Zone have wanted to make in their lives, and for them we developed the La Lima Sustainable Mobility Plan.

La Lima Sustainable Mobility Plan, for a more sustainable future and the empowerment of our community.


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